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Wednesday, January 9, 2013

Episode 24 - Blame Game

I was mildly annoyed with the doctor completely ignoring me and the situation at hand, but when he introduced me this Katie chick, I found my own mind wandering. She was as pretty as any Spaceforce member I had ever seen, her face was like porcelain and her body was like... well let's put it this way, no three breasted martian Marla could compare with who was standing right in front of me. I looked up into her eyes and immediately knew I was gonna' make some time to spend with Katie over here, once this whole interplanetary crisis was over with. I quickly pushed my lust aside and stood to introduce myself.

"Sergeant Derrick Thomas. I work for AR... I work for an agency back on Earth" I began, but she quickly interrupted me; "Yes Sgt., I know who you are. Your reputation is well known at the Spaceforce academy. You seem to have a nose for trouble I hear, and judging from your wounds and the situation you are in the midst of, I can certainly attest to that rumor. Now what I want to know Sgt. Thomas is, what is the Advanced Research and Command Authority doing sending a hotshot like you on a mission where delicate diplomacy is certainly needed?"

"I know right, he is all fists and plasma blades, and I'm all like..." Jerry began to interject.

"Uh, Dr. Waldman?" she barely looked his way when addressing him.

"Yes Katie?"

"With all due respect doctor, please shut the hell up and let me finish speaking with Sgt. Thomas."

"Uh, uh... well, I mean, I was just trying to say..." Jerry's voice quickly trailed off as she gave him a quick glare. I have no idea who this woman is, but if she could get the doctor to shut up simply by looking at him, I was in-love already!

"Now, back to my question sergeant, what is ARCA doing sending someone like you on a mission like this? They are technically not even recognized as a military nor paramilitary agency, and have no jurisdiction in matters such as these."

"Well Ms. Golden... Is it 'Ms.' or 'Mrs.' by the way?"

"It's Ensign to you or if you prefer, you can call me Ma'am.  Now, can we move past your obvious fixation with my breasts and on to the matter of your assignment?"

"Well Ensign Golden, the fact that you have any knowledge of who I am and who ARCA is, is both impressive and troubling at the same time. Why would an ensign, a recent graduate at that, from the Spaceforce Academy be privy to the kind of information you have, and coincidentally, why would you be here on Mars in the middle of what may turn out to be the Earth's most terrifying historical event?"  
She paused for a moment, a sign that she was carefully weighing what to tell me versus what to keep all to herself; "Sgt. Thomas..." 

"Derrick" I corrected her, "just call me Derrick please?"

"Fine, Derrick. I may be just an 'ensign' or 'recent graduate' as you like to put it, but what neither of you know is, immediately after graduation I was recruited into a joint operational task force, whose mission it was to track the alien traders as they attempted to buy or more reasonably, steal the fusion device and use it in a terrorist attack against our planet."

I looked her up and down for a moment, something just didn't seem to right about this woman. I didn't know anything about her, but she knew plenty about me and my mission here. More than made me comfortable.

"Well, it would appear to me Katie, that you and your 'task force' didn't do much if anything to stop these traders from acquiring the fusion device, and were it not for ARCA quietly sending me up here, they would have both the device and the chip that controls it, and would be halfway to the Earth right now, cocked, locked and ready to blow up our little rock. So the answer to your question is simple: I was sent here to do what someone higher up than both you and I knew you obviously could not handle. Is that clarity enough for you on the situation at hand Ms. Golden?" 

I admit the rolling of my eyes was an unnecessary accent to my berating response, but I couldn't help myself. Apparently neither could she, because as I began to sit back down she swept her leg knocking the chair from under me and I came crashing to the ground. She pounced on me like a wild animal and the ire in her eyes was as much frightening as it was stimulating.

"Now listen close, Derrick. You may be top agent back on Earth, but right now there is a situation of catastrophic capacity, and whether or not my team dropped the ball is the least of our concerns. The couple traders you took out back there in the conduit... they were just a teaser of what you have waiting for you if you try and go this alone. Besides the head trader, whom you let escape, and the fifty or so other minions he has looking for you, there are a multitude of other agents from star systems you haven't even heard of all looking for you and that chip in your vest, because us humans are not the only ones who value ultimate power. The amount of devastation that fusion device can create is coveted by just about every life-force in the universe. So if you're done playing the 'blame game', you should get your ass back in your chair and debrief me on what your mission is, whether you have accomplished any of its objectives, and let me help get you and the chip off this red rock in one piece."

"Hey, what about me?" Jerry chimed in, always having the flair for the annoying.

"You  can come too doc, but you better learn to man up if you expect to make it through this alive!"

She climbed off me, grabbed my good arm and helped me to my feet. As I plopped myself back down in my chair all I could think about was what she looked like naked.

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