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Friday, April 19, 2013

Episode 30 - Where the Hell is Neruta?

I ran ahead of Blondie and past the big-headed Martian, then I climbed down the ladder into the tunnel and turned left, away from the Rogarian hideout.  I’d decided Blondie wasn’t worth putting my ass on the line, but I hadn’t bargained on meeting four armed guards at the bottom of the ladder.  One of them stuck his rifle in my chest, and I put up my hands.  The schmuck Jerry was with them.

“Turn around,” the guard said.

I never argue with a man with a gun, so I complied.  I could see light about five hundred feet ahead.

“Move,” the guy said.

We walked along the tunnel toward the light.  I’d forgotten how disgusting it was down there, and I gagged.  The guy kept poking me in the back, and I heard Jerry call out Blondie’s name.

“Move faster,” he said.

“I’m moving, give me a break.”

My guts tightened as we approached the Rogarian’s hideout.  I knew the big guy wouldn’t be happy to see me, and I really liked my eyes.  I began to sweat as we got closer to the light, and the guard had to push me into the room.

My Rogarian friend was there, and it was hard to tell if he was happy to see me or not, but I figured not.  There were more guards, and some guy who looked familiar.  I’d seen this dude’s face before.  Then I thought, shit, it’s that ambassador from Neruta.  What the hell is he doing here?

Three guards brought in Blondie, Jerry and the big-headed Martian.  We all looked at each other, then at the guy in the royal getup.

“Who are you?” Blondie asked.

“My name is Ganov.  I’m an envoy for the King of Neruta.”

The big guy kept looking at me.  I tried not to notice, but since he took up most of the room, it was kind of hard not to.

“I’ve never heard of Neruta,” Blondie said.

The royal dude smiled.  “We keep a low profile,” he said.  His voice began to break up and his little metal translator fell on the floor.  He picked it up and quickly reattached it.

“I’ve heard of it,” Derrick said.  All eyes turned toward him.  He didn’t say anything else.

“Where is this planet located?” Blondie asked.  I could see she didn’t like this turn of events, or learning that Derrick knew something she didn’t know. 

“Several light years away, but there’s no need to trouble yourself with those little details, my dear.”

“Don’t ‘my dear’ me,” Blondie said.  “Now, where’s the chip?”

Her eyes were narrowed, and I saw her press her hand against a small bulge on her thigh.  Blondie’s Glock had been confiscated by the royal goons, but she didn’t seem the type to leave anything to chance.  She was packing another weapon.

“The chip is perfectly safe, my…madam.  My Rogarian friends have been...hired by my king.  Since you know about the chip, I assume you also know of their plan to use it.”

“The destruction of Earth,” Derrick said.  “That’s what they plan to do.  What’s that got to do with your king?”

Jerry put his hand on Blondie’s arm, but she shrugged it off.  “Not now,” she whispered.  Jerry backed away from her.

“We’ve had dealings with Earthlings in the past, and it didn’t go well.  My king simply wants to settle things once and for all.”

“Bullshit,” Derrick said.  “This is bullshit.”

“Settle what things once and for all?” Blondie asked as she glared at Derrick. 

“You really don’t know, do you?” Ganov said looking at me.

“Know what?” Derrick shouted.  He was pissed, and as he moved toward Ganov, the royal guards pushed him to the floor.

“Would you like to tell them, Mr. Martin?”

Now all eyes were on me.  I looked at Blondie, the big-headed Martian, Derrick and Jerry, and sighed.  This was gonna be a long night.

Monday, April 1, 2013

Episode 29 - Shut up and move


"Excuse me."  I bolted up from my seat and raced across the terminal to the emergency exit door that Derrick had just pushed Jerry through.  "Hey!" I called as it slammed shut.

"Hey!"  Mike Martin jumped up and followed me.  "Can I finish your donut?"

"Go ahead," I snapped and reached in my back pocket.

"I love fresh Top Pots.  In the joint, they only gave us those bland powdered ones that came in boxes.  Is that a laser?"

"Shut up."  I pointed my laser at the security door, but on second thought put it away.  It was Spaceforce issue and each discharge would be recorded.  Then, I'd have to fill out ten forms to report when, where and what I shot at.  I'd also have to apply for new ammo that was at last check, on back order for at least six weeks.  Instead, I reached in my other pocket and pulled out my Glock.  I put a bullet right in the middle of the locking mechanism.  The door swung open.

"Nice," Mike commented, his mouth full of glazed chocolate.  "Is that Spaceforce standard issue now?  I may need to rethink my own means of defense."

"No, it's my personal piece."  I stuck the barrel under his chin.  "All the ammo is mine so no one will ever know if one or two are missing, Sweetie."  Mike threw up his hands and smiled crookedly.

"It was safer in the joint.  At least, I knew what was in Big Al's pocket."

"Get down there and find that Rogarian trader before that ass from ARCA screws it all up.  I just hope he doesn't get Jerry killed."

"Jerry?  You mean the guy with glasses and the curly hair?  He looked like a schmuck."

"Shut up!"  Now, I poked the Glock into Mike's back.  "Get moving."

"Going, going."  Mike scampered down the ladder and disappeared into one of the conduit tunnels just as the emergency exit door swung open again.  That big headed Martian was framed in the dim terminal light.

"Jerry?" He asked as a tear large enough to fill a bathtub, dripped from his eye.

"You know Jerry?"  I lowered my gun.

"Fogweet love Uncle Jerry." 

Good.  Good.  Unless, he meant he'd love to eat Uncle Jerry.
"Do you think you could find Jerry and maybe, not hurt him?"

"Fogweet never hurt Uncle Jerry.  Fogweet hurt Derrick if you want?"

"Maybe."  It would save me a bullet.  "Come on, Fogweet.  You lead the way."  His big head lit up as he descended down the ladder into the darkened tunnel. 

"Uncle Jerry give Fogweet ice cream and candy and lots of pretty lights.  Fogweet love Uncle Jerry, but not like Fogweet love Marla.  Fogweet love Marla because she make Fogweet's head go boom."

"Good, Fogweet," I sighed, following him through the murky crap that lined the floor of the tunnel.  I was glad the light was so dim as I didn't want to imagine what was collecting on the bottom of my shoes.

"Marla also make Fogweet's …"

"I get it!  Just find Jerry now!"

"Ok," he mumbled, the light in his head growing marginally dimmer.  "Lady don't have to snap at Fogweet.  Lady don't have to be so mean."

"Sorry," I sighed again as my cell began to buzz in my pocket. 

"Kate?"  It was Jerry.  "Are you anywhere near?  We need some help down here."  I heard both Mike and Derrick swearing in the background. 

"Are we?" I looked at Fogweet.  He pointed his long finger.

"There's Uncle Jerry."

Wednesday, March 20, 2013

Episode 28 - Man Was She Hot

"You see doc, I told you she was up to something crazy."

"Derrick, I don't think it's like that. You don't know Katie like I do."

"Well doc, it wouldn't appear that you know her all too well either. Who is that guy she is talking with, and what the hell are they talking about? And did you see what happened to your best buddy Fogweet? I thought you two were attached at the hip? I'm surprised you didn't get the bump on your head from him being hit."

The doctor and I crouched behind one of the loaders at the entrance of the terminal. Across the floor, at the other end of the terminal we could see Fogweet unconscious on the ground by the lift and Katie sitting at a table with some guy who looked vaguely familiar. I couldn't quite place his face, but I felt like I knew him from somewhere. Regardless of who he was, I had work to do and this guy would not stand in my way.

"I admit, the man knocking out poor little Fogweet pisses me off a bit."

"'Pisses you off' huh? Wow, that's the most emotion I've heard out of you yet. Maybe you wanna' waltz on over there and do something about it? Maybe take that guy out back and show him a thing or two?" 

"Uh... Well, I mean... There's no need to resort to" I was running out of patience and quickly cut the Jerry off, "Yeah, doc, I get it. No need to resort to violence, but we are at a time and place where violence is probably the first, second and third option for dealing with these traders and getting the fusion device back. We've been standing pat for way too long hoping that these Rogarians would simply stumble their way out of the tunnels and into our hands, and time is not on our side."

I looked over at the Jerry and he looked as if he might pass out at any moment, "Listen Jerry, if you need to sit this one out maybe you can go hang out with your girlfriend over there and you guys can work out whatever idiotic plan she has cooked up. But I need to get going and pretty soon at that. I don't know what nonsense she has planned with that guy over there but the device and this mission are far too important to risk on wild cards like these."

"No, no. I'm okay. I promise. While I definitely trust Katie, I too am not sure what this guy has to do with our mission and I think you could use my assistance as well. Your arm has only just healed from the last meeting we had with those traders, and should you get injured again I could be of great service."

I smirked a bit at the idea that I could or would ever need the doc's help especially in an encounter with the traders, but I wasn't going in the mood to argue anymore. I didn't know what the hell Katie was up to and I needed to get down in those tunnels before she could do anything stupid to jeopardize this mission. If she was working against us, well that would be a damn shame. Man was she hot. I really hoped I didn't have to kill her when this was all done.

I grabbed Jerry by his arm and we made our way to the emergency access portal just to our right. I hacked the electronic lock and we entered the doorway. As the door closed behind us I could smell the stench of what must be several of those Rogarians upwind of us. The doc let out a slight whimper and I pushed him forward down the corridor, this was going to get ugly I imagined but we continued on.

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Friday, March 15, 2013

Episode 27 - Mike Martin joins the Team

Mike Martin  - New character by A.L. Jambor

I watched the Martian grab the girl.  I’d been watching them for several minutes, and I had a gut feeling this wouldn’t end well.  I looked around for something to bash him over the head with and found a large stone in the decorative fountain near the entrance of the Starbucks.  As the girl struggled, I bashed him over the head and he fell like a sack of potatoes.

“You okay,” I asked.  She looked stunned and her arms were covered in slime.

“I’m fine.  I had this under control.”

She looked pissed off so I offered to buy her a coffee.  She didn’t want to at first, but then she agreed.  I could see she was rattled, but she kept pretending everything was cool.  I picked up two coffees and brought them to the table.

“You didn’t have to do that,” she said.  “I was handling it.”

“Yeah, you looked like you were handling it.”

“Who are you?” she asked.

“Mike Martin.  And you?”

Ensign Katie Golden.”

“Ooo Ensign.  So, what’s with the Martian?  I saw you talking nice and then he grabbed you.”

“I was asking for his help.”

“Help with what?”

She hesitated for several seconds.  “I wanted him to talk to Marla.”

“Marla!  You don’t look like the type,” I said smiling from ear to ear.

“It wasn’t like that!” she said.  I liked seeing her face turn red.

“Then what was it like?”

“That’s classified.”

“Oh, come on, I saved your life, for Pete’s sake.”

She looked to her left and then her right.  “What do you do, Mr. Martin?”

“I was released from the joint a week ago.  Presently, I don’t do anything.”

“You were an inmate?”  Now she really looked pissed.

“You say it like it’s a bad thing.  Yeah, I was an inmate.  So what’s the deal with Marla?”

Katie sat back in her chair.  She was obviously frustrated and now that I had compromised her deal with the Martian, she must have been weighing her options.  I pulled out a cigarette and lit it which sent another look of disapproval my way.

“I needed her to go underground to lure someone out,” she said.  “I don’t suppose you’d know Marla.”

“Well, not to brag, but me and Marla go way back.”

“Really,” she said, her eyes lighting up.

“Yeah, sure, I know her pretty well.”

“Then you’d talk to her for me?”

“I’d have to know what you wanted her to do first, the whole story this time.”

“Fine, but you have to understand this is a matter of national security and if you tell anyone, I mean anyone, it could mean life or death for billions of people.”

So, that’s what it was about.  The stolen chip.  Oh, yeah, we hear things in the joint.
“What do you want her to do?”

“We need her to lure a trader out of the tunnels.  A Rogarian trader – a nasty piece of work.”

“And just how would you guarantee her safety?”

“I’d follow her down and make sure she was protected.”

“You!  You couldn’t protect yourself topside from a drunken Martian.  Nah, I can tell you right now she’d never do it.  Marla likes money, but she’s no fool.  No, you need someone with some tunnel savvy.”

“And I bet you know someone like that.”

“Of course, I do.  Me.”

“You.  Really.  And just how long were you in prison, Mr. Martin?”

“Six months.  Listen, for your information, Sweetie, I happen to know a Rogarian trader who fits your description.  He’d talk to me.  I could get him to come out no sweat.”
I’d ruffled her feathers by calling her Sweetie.  I loved playing this broad.

“And why would he follow you out?” she asked.

I grinned and sat back.  “Because I owe him money.”

Wednesday, February 20, 2013

Episode 26 - Enough Waiting Already!


"Alright, you guys, I'm tired of waiting."  I looked at my Spaceforce chronograph display.  "Sheesh, we've been sitting here for more than a month!"  Jerry pushed his glasses up his nose and coughed awkwardly while Derrick smiled with a patronizing expression.

"I'm good here," he said.  "Good coffee, good raisin rolls.  If you had been down in the conduits like we had, you'd be happy to be sitting around for a few minutes too."

"Fair enough.  Are you rested now?"

"No," Derrick smiled, "I think I need some time in bed.  Interested, Ensign?"

"Hey!"  Jerry jumped up and poked his finger in Derrick's chest.  "Ensign Golden is on duty and so are you.  What happened to saving the Earth, hot shot?"

"I can do that too," Derrick replied swiping Jerry's hand away.  "Hot shot.  I can multi-task.  Can you, Doc?"

"Yeah, I can multi-task."  Jerry's voice grew louder.  "I can save your worthless ass and chew gum at the same time."

"What?" Derrick said.

"What?  This is ridiculous," I sighed, now rising to my feet.  "I'm out of here.  You boys can stand here for another month and fight about whose got more testosterone but I'm going to find a way to lure that trader up into the daylight and get the chip back."  I put my cup and napkin in the recycling bin and then headed out into the terminal knowing those guys, like puppies, would soon follow.  It was just before midnight and the terminal lights had dimmed somewhat.  Only a few tired looking people wandered about as no commercial ships arrived or departed until the next morning.  Overhead, the glass ceiling displayed the vast expanse of stars, Planet Earth, the largest light among them.  I stood watching Earth for a moment, trying to block out the ramifications of her destruction and instead, concentrated on the fragments of a plan that I had been putting together in my mind.  I needed a woman who would attract the trader.  It would be a nasty job, but Spaceforce had made certain I had plenty of money to pay her well. 

"Marla, I love Marla," an off-key voice sang from the doorway of the bar down the terminal.  "Marla, oh Marla, I love you truly!"

Marla.  The triple-breasted Andorian stripper was displayed prominently on the signage right outside.  Her last show had been at 2300.  Maybe, I could catch her before she went home for the night.

"Excuse me," I said to the drunken Martian that was serenading the absent Marla.  He turned his enormous eyes on me for a moment, a giant tear leaking from one of them.

"I love Marla," he told me.  "But she doesn't even know I exist.  I'm just another big headed Martian in the audience, another Bill at the bar."

"I'm sorry to hear that, Bill.
"I'm not Bill.  I'm like a Bill."

"You're like a drunk."

"Yeah, I'm that too," he laughed sloppily, his big head swaying back and forth.  "But what else have I got in this life?  Without Marla, I'm nothing.  I might as well just go home and crawl back down my hole."

"Listen, Bill," I started again.

"I'm not Bill.  I'm Fogweet."

"Listen, Fogweet," I tried a third time.  "I need to talk to Marla.  Do you know when Marla comes out?  I've got a job for her.  Do you think she might be interested in making some money?"  Suddenly, his big head lit up the dark terminal like a beacon. 

"Yes," he cried.  "I can give her money.  Every Andorian loves that stuff.  Can I do the job instead?  I'll keep the money and then give it to her.  She'll be so happy, she'll marry me right away."

I wasn't sure I could trust this Fogweet.  On the other hand, we had wasted too much time already.  I really had to get that Rogarian trader up here now.  "Can you go down to the conduits?" I asked.  "I need you to coax that trader up here."  I waved a bunch of bills in front of his head.

"Oh sure," Fogweet scoffed.  "I can do that."  He stood up and swayed on his feet.  He started wobbling to the lift bay.  "I can bring him up here, no problem at all."

"What are you going to tell him?  How are you going to get him to agree to it?"  I followed him to the lift.
"Easy," Fogweet replied pushing the button.  "I'll just tell him, I've got his dinner all ready."

"Okay."  Food was an incentive I hadn't considered as I wasn't sure what Rogarians ate.  "What have you got for him?"

"I have the Rogarian's favorite meal."  Fogweet smiled as he entered the lift and shut the door.  "There's no way he will resist a fresh human girl."

Thursday, January 10, 2013

Episode 25 - Katie's Trade Offs

I didn't know why I got stuck on this bloody task force in the first place.  All I wanted was to join my ship and start my career.

"It'll help your career, Kate," Admiral Leung had said signing off the papers that temporarily transferred my assignment.  "Heck, you save the Earth, you can write your own ticket.  You'll be a Starship Captain before you're 35.  You may even make Admiral before 45."  He laughed though I didn't think anything was funny. 

"Seriously, sir?  Save the Earth?"

"Well."  He leaned back in his chair.  It creaked under his weight.  "It could come to that.  We think ARCA will be able to recover possession of the chip but the fusion device will be a little trickier to negotiate.  ARCA, as you know, concentrates its efforts on Earth and Sol.  When it comes to the rest of the galaxy, they basically pretend we don't exist.  You were chosen because of your diplomatic skills in dealing with alien cultures not to mention your firearm rating and pilot cert.  You'll need to befriend the traders and somehow convince them to return the device to you.  Once you secure it, the ARCA agent will arrange a spaceplane for your escape.  Bring the device back here and you're home free."

"You trust him?"

Admiral Leung looked out his window.  A starship floated past tethered by a long cord to the spacebase.  On her tail, the numbers 2732 were visible which meant she was the Excalibur.  A twinge of jealousy washed over me.  The Excalibur wasn't going to be my ship.  I was assigned to the Discovery but the Ex was my second choice.  Now I didn't know if I'd ever make it to either one.

"You'll get there."  The Admiral nodded at the window apparently reading my thoughts.  "Do this and I'll make sure your next assignment will be a vacation for you.  I'll have you inventorying the sickbay or testing software protocols in a lab.  You can sleep late and cut out early, spend your time on the Rec Deck."

"I don't want that," I insisted tearing my eyes away from the ship. 

"What do you want?"

"The bridge.  Navigation and Controls."

He nodded again.  "You got it.  Do your job now."  He shoved my orders across the desk and turned his back, dismissing me.

So here I was in a Starbucks on Mars sitting with the ARCA agent who couldn't manage to lift his eyes higher than my chin and Jerry Waldman, who stared at me as if his life depended on my every word.  I was tempted to take the Glock out of my purse, the one my dad had just given me for graduating the Academy and shoot the both of them.  I supposed that would have been a really bad career move though so I didn't.  Instead, I just tried to smile and find out what they knew.

"I think they're still down in the conduits," Derrick was saying. 

"I don't want to go back there."  Jerry shook his head.  "I don't think Katie should either.  It's not safe."

"You're not assigned to this anyway," Derrick snapped.  "Let the lady decide what she wants to do.  If we go back down, I'll make sure she's well protected."  He smiled broadly.  "You can stay right by me, Sweetheart."

"I'm just saying that we should try to lure the head trader up here instead."  Raising his voice, Jerry half stood up and pointed at Derrick's arm which was hanging at an odd angle.  "Look how well you managed to take care of yourself down there." 

"I don't need to be protected," I hissed, "by either of you.  But, I do agree with Jerry.  Rogarians live in tunnels.  By going down there, we are giving him the advantage.  We need to bring him up here where the simulated daylight will affect their eyesight and make him more vulnerable."

"Rogarians?"  Derrick leaned across the table.  "I thought we were dealing with Martians."

"They're similar.  Genetically they're cousins as we think the Rogarians populated Mars sometime in the last thousand Millenia.  However, Martians are very gentle people whereas the Rogarians can be downright nasty."

"I noticed," Derrick grumbled.

"See," Jerry added.  "Here you've been verbally brutalizing Fogweet for the last few hours for absolutely no reason."

"What's a Fogweet?" I asked.

"Don’t go there."  Derrick rolled his eyes.  "So any idea how we can get him up here with the fusion device?"

"We have to offer him something he wants instead," I replied and pulled a pic out of my handbag.  "He's a 
trader, remember?"

"And what would that be, smart lady?" Derrick smiled patronizingly as I laid down the pic so they could see it.

"Ew," Jerry frowned.

"It or rather she is a female Rogarian.  We need to find someone willing to dress up like this and uh…do that with the head trader.  You guys know any volunteers?"  Derrick and Jerry exchanged glances.

"Marla," they both said.

Wednesday, January 9, 2013

Episode 24 - Blame Game

I was mildly annoyed with the doctor completely ignoring me and the situation at hand, but when he introduced me this Katie chick, I found my own mind wandering. She was as pretty as any Spaceforce member I had ever seen, her face was like porcelain and her body was like... well let's put it this way, no three breasted martian Marla could compare with who was standing right in front of me. I looked up into her eyes and immediately knew I was gonna' make some time to spend with Katie over here, once this whole interplanetary crisis was over with. I quickly pushed my lust aside and stood to introduce myself.

"Sergeant Derrick Thomas. I work for AR... I work for an agency back on Earth" I began, but she quickly interrupted me; "Yes Sgt., I know who you are. Your reputation is well known at the Spaceforce academy. You seem to have a nose for trouble I hear, and judging from your wounds and the situation you are in the midst of, I can certainly attest to that rumor. Now what I want to know Sgt. Thomas is, what is the Advanced Research and Command Authority doing sending a hotshot like you on a mission where delicate diplomacy is certainly needed?"

"I know right, he is all fists and plasma blades, and I'm all like..." Jerry began to interject.

"Uh, Dr. Waldman?" she barely looked his way when addressing him.

"Yes Katie?"

"With all due respect doctor, please shut the hell up and let me finish speaking with Sgt. Thomas."

"Uh, uh... well, I mean, I was just trying to say..." Jerry's voice quickly trailed off as she gave him a quick glare. I have no idea who this woman is, but if she could get the doctor to shut up simply by looking at him, I was in-love already!

"Now, back to my question sergeant, what is ARCA doing sending someone like you on a mission like this? They are technically not even recognized as a military nor paramilitary agency, and have no jurisdiction in matters such as these."

"Well Ms. Golden... Is it 'Ms.' or 'Mrs.' by the way?"

"It's Ensign to you or if you prefer, you can call me Ma'am.  Now, can we move past your obvious fixation with my breasts and on to the matter of your assignment?"

"Well Ensign Golden, the fact that you have any knowledge of who I am and who ARCA is, is both impressive and troubling at the same time. Why would an ensign, a recent graduate at that, from the Spaceforce Academy be privy to the kind of information you have, and coincidentally, why would you be here on Mars in the middle of what may turn out to be the Earth's most terrifying historical event?"  
She paused for a moment, a sign that she was carefully weighing what to tell me versus what to keep all to herself; "Sgt. Thomas..." 

"Derrick" I corrected her, "just call me Derrick please?"

"Fine, Derrick. I may be just an 'ensign' or 'recent graduate' as you like to put it, but what neither of you know is, immediately after graduation I was recruited into a joint operational task force, whose mission it was to track the alien traders as they attempted to buy or more reasonably, steal the fusion device and use it in a terrorist attack against our planet."

I looked her up and down for a moment, something just didn't seem to right about this woman. I didn't know anything about her, but she knew plenty about me and my mission here. More than made me comfortable.

"Well, it would appear to me Katie, that you and your 'task force' didn't do much if anything to stop these traders from acquiring the fusion device, and were it not for ARCA quietly sending me up here, they would have both the device and the chip that controls it, and would be halfway to the Earth right now, cocked, locked and ready to blow up our little rock. So the answer to your question is simple: I was sent here to do what someone higher up than both you and I knew you obviously could not handle. Is that clarity enough for you on the situation at hand Ms. Golden?" 

I admit the rolling of my eyes was an unnecessary accent to my berating response, but I couldn't help myself. Apparently neither could she, because as I began to sit back down she swept her leg knocking the chair from under me and I came crashing to the ground. She pounced on me like a wild animal and the ire in her eyes was as much frightening as it was stimulating.

"Now listen close, Derrick. You may be top agent back on Earth, but right now there is a situation of catastrophic capacity, and whether or not my team dropped the ball is the least of our concerns. The couple traders you took out back there in the conduit... they were just a teaser of what you have waiting for you if you try and go this alone. Besides the head trader, whom you let escape, and the fifty or so other minions he has looking for you, there are a multitude of other agents from star systems you haven't even heard of all looking for you and that chip in your vest, because us humans are not the only ones who value ultimate power. The amount of devastation that fusion device can create is coveted by just about every life-force in the universe. So if you're done playing the 'blame game', you should get your ass back in your chair and debrief me on what your mission is, whether you have accomplished any of its objectives, and let me help get you and the chip off this red rock in one piece."

"Hey, what about me?" Jerry chimed in, always having the flair for the annoying.

"You  can come too doc, but you better learn to man up if you expect to make it through this alive!"

She climbed off me, grabbed my good arm and helped me to my feet. As I plopped myself back down in my chair all I could think about was what she looked like naked.

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